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We invite students; academicians; practioners to share their ideas and we convert the same to product. 

Our recently incubated ideas include focuses on

Big Data


Youth Traceability


Enterprise IT Improvements 

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Recent Incubated Projects

We have recently incubated following startups





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Welcome to Passion IT

A platform to bring academicians, researchers, mentors, organizations, investors, students, freshers, resources needing direction to work together in collaborative way to improve their revenue opportunities through effective project management of their concepts to convert same to product for sales.

It addresses need of

  • Students – seeking live projects
  • Academicians – seeking tools to manage student projects
  • Researchers – seeking resources to work on their research projects
  • Mentors – seeking opportunities to move towards being entrepreneurs, wishing to have start up, wishing to share their experiences to youth seeking practical experiences in following project management principles to work on projects.
  • Organizations – seeking opportunities to improve their resource productivity and ensure how their bench resources remain occupied with work, how weak resources can be groomed to be effective to perform in real world scenarios, how freshers can add value to self through working on projects under mentors identified in organization through continuous task evaluation and helping training needs within organization.
  • Investors – Seeking tool where in they can monitor startup performances effectively and decide on investments on further projects in the start up
  • Freshers – Seeking solution to build their experiences in real world to help them get focused and improve their skillsets to help them get better stability in the competitive world.

It has built in strong valuation system of you as individual and your group.

Featured Projects

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Latest Projects

Project Title Technology Specification (Allocated/Total)
Interested Project
PCombinator Help Desk J2EE (0/11)
Available: 11
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Farm V Php Server (1/11)
Available: 10
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Deal Flow Research Php Windows NT (0/11)
Available: 11
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Testing Applications Mentoring Php (2/8)
Available: 6
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Process Maturity Audit J2EE (0/9)
Available: 9
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Top Rated Mentors

Project Count

Php 14
J2EE 13
c# 1
ADO Net 1
VB Dot Net 1

How It Works

Do register to this site right away as either an Associate or Partner and you will be provided with all the details.

Associates need to give an entrance test

Partners need to either be Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Senior Professionals, Researchers, Academicians interested in converting their concepts to projects and have a product vision.

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